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3-Year Nutri-Pak® Fruit, Nut & Flowering Trees/Shrubs


  • 10-Pack $15.90 
  • 20-Pack $31.80 
  • 100-Pack $159.00  

3 Year Time Release Fertilizer Packets

For Fruit, Nut & Flowering Trees/Shrubs we recommend our N-P-K formulation of 16-16-16. This will give your fruit, nut and flowering trees and shrubs good overall growth and health while supplying equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Research has shown, and fruit and nut growers will tell you that equal amounts of N-P-K are ideal for fruiting and nut baring trees and shrubs. Likewise, the higher levels of phosphorus and potassium are ideal for blooming and rooting. We have also included 16% sulfur in this formulation for the acid loving plants.

For Trees: Use a minimum of 2 packets. Trees with over 1-inch caliper trunks, use 2 packets per caliper inch of tree trunk diameter.

For Shrubs: Use 2 packets – shrubs over 24 inches, use 1 packet per 12 inches of plant height or spread. For all plantings, simply bury packets 6-8 inches deep near the plants roots. The packets should be spaced evenly around the dripline of established plantings, or around the root ball of new plantings.


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