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Good Product; a Natural Add-on Sale
Van Vorhees, Garden Center, Virginia Beach, VA

"Nutri-Pak works well. We recommend it for shrubs, potted plants, and trees. For us, it's a natural add-on sale.”

Increased Recovery Rate
Ronald L. Baetz, Desert Water Agency, Palm Springs, CA

"We experienced record cold in the Palm Springs area, recording the lowest temperatures in sixty years. A great deal of plant material was lost to the freezing weather. Much of the test area plantings were lost. The amazing thing was the following spring season's increased recovery rate of the Nutri-Pak fed survivors.”

Sold Out Quickly
Dave Leibelt, The Berry Patch, Fond du Lac, WI

"Even the first season it sold very well. Customers asked for more. We run a short season here . . . mid April to the end of June. In 1992, we sold an entire floor display's inventory, reordered more stock and sold that out quickly, too. We recommend it because it's superior to any spike on the market.”

Plants Grow More Vigorously
Todd Sullivan, St. Aubin Nursery, Kirkland, IL

"We are very selective about the products we sell, and only sell products that we use in the nursery. The plants fed by Nutri-Pak grew more vigorously than untreated plants. It removes all the guess work about quantity and frequency of fertilizer application.”

Environmentally Sensitive
Lynda H. Harringtron, Sunshine Gardens Center, NC

"Our customers at Sunshine are impressed with the price, environmental sensitivity, longevity of the product, and short length of time for application. It is an easy product to sell and we like that most of all.”

Amazing Results
Tom Mills, Tree Pro Tree Protectors, Lafayette, Indiana

“If we hadn't observed it under our own testing conditions we might not have believed it. Our Purdue #1 black walnut trees had exceptional growth with Nutri-Pak. We still use it and will recomment it to anyone.”

Quick to Apply
Donna L. Whitney - Whitney Tree Service & Partners, Juda, Wisconsin

“We like to sell Nutri-Pak® as an insurance policy to a healthier tree. The Nutri-Pak® system of fertilization is very safe for both the applicator and the environment. We love the idea of it being all pre-measured, ready to use, and very easy and quick to apply.”

Saves Money
Jim Piala, Piala's Nursery & Garden Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Nutri-Pak® cuts my customers' plant food cost dramatically, by being effective for up to 3 years. With Nutri-Pak® and a few tips on planting procedures our (plant) losses are less than 2%. We try to educate the consumer; when it comes to properly supplying nutrients, you can't miss with Nutri-Pak®.”

Long Time Release
Soil Science Society of America Proceedings

“The data obtained in these and other studies demonstrate that the use of fertilizer packets makes possible the release of the fertilizer constituents over a period of one to six or more years.”

Results & Convenience
John Avgoustis, Gardening Enthusiast, Michigan

“I can't always adhere to the 'every two weeks' schedule that many name brand fertilizers recommend. With Nutri-Pak® I'm free to do other things and don't have to worry about when the 'last time' was that I fertilized. With these kinds of results and convenience, why bother using anything else?”