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1-Year Nutri-Pak® Foliage Potted/House Plants


  • 20-Pack $11.80 
  • 50-Pack $29.50 

1-Year Time Release Fertilizer Packets

For Foliage Potted/House Plants we recommend our N-P-K formulation of 18-6-12. This is a 3-1-2 ratio, which is ideal for soil less mixes and typically what is used in potted/house plants. The high nitrogen formulation will give your foliage potted/house plants good overall greening, growth and health, while also promoting good root development.

For Foliage Potted/House Plants: When using pots or hanging baskets, use 1-2 packets in 4-10 inch, 2-3 packets in 11-14 inch and 3-4 packets in 15 inch and up. The packets should be buried unopened in the pot, halfway between the plants stem and the edged of the pot or hanging basket, and halfway down or about 3 inches below the surface of the soil.

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